The benefits of real estate appraisal go much further than the roles it plays in the buying and selling of real estate. Appraisals are needed when evaluating property for a wide range of reasons, such as determining the value of an estate, removing private mortgage insurance, determining the value of property in a divorce, addressing tax assessment challenges, and much more. When you have an experienced Las Vegas real estate appraiser by your side during a divorce proceeding, real estate transaction, or even the probate process, you are getting an impartial and professional opinion on the property’s value.

When Should You Get a Home Appraisal?

There are many times when an appraisal is needed outside of the refinancing or sale of a home. Appraisals are needed for estate planning, the dissolution of marriages, planning for home
updates, and much more. Home sellers benefit a great deal from the experience of a real estate appraiser, and buyers tend to want second opinions. This can be incredibly beneficial to the
buying or selling experience.
This independent opinion is a major reflection of the current market. Appraisers also have the ability to look ahead based on trends that indicate how the market will behave. In other words,
appraisers play a number of roles depending on what the client needs. Many times, the opinion of a qualified and licensed appraiser is the only valuation instrument the courts, municipalities, and
lenders will accept.

What Sets William Rigdon Real Estate Apart from the Rest?

Because he is an appraiser in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, he knows the area very well. Despite the changes in the industry, Bill Rigdon is well-educated on what is occurring in the
Clark County market. The quality of service that he has provided throughout the years has remained constant. Much of this consistency has to do with the firm not being large. When you
have a great deal of the work being performed by one person, you can trust the stream of information that you receive.

Quick Turnaround Times

You can also count on a quick turnaround time. Although small, William Rigdon Real Estate is very competitive. While you may have to leave a message, Bill will always get back to you. Major banks and government entities rely on Bill Rigdon’s work, and the 24- to 48-hour turnaround and his use of ACI software and the latest technology has a lot to do with that.

An Educated and Experienced Nevada Real Estate Appraiser

Bill Rigdon’s appraiser experience started with CCSN coursework in structural inspection. Through the years, continuing education courses from the Appraisal Institute, Kaplan Professional Schools, Lied Institute at UNLV, the Nevada Real Estate Division, American Society of Appraisers, Lincoln Graduate Center, and the Institute for Real Estate and Appraisal Studies have become a very important part of ensuring that each client receives the best service.

Since 1998, Bill Rigdon has been able to provide excellent service to customers needing fast appraisals. He strives to be one of the best Las Vegas, Nevada, real estate appraisers.

Contact an Experienced Las Vegas Real Estate Appraiser Today

If you need an accurate appraisal of your property for any reason, Bill Rigdon has the experience, knowledge, and state-of- the-art technology to provide what you need. To learn more, call 702-524-8938 today.