Your Home’s Value

What’s My Home Worth?

Homes are unlike any other investment because they can fluctuate in value based on the neighborhood, market condition, and a variety of other factors. For this reason, determining the
value can be difficult. However, there are guidelines that are followed to determine value, and it’s important for buyers and sellers to understand how this is done. A good real estate agent in Nevada will be able to explain these guidelines so that you understand how the value is determined.

Home Value Factors

There are different factors that go into calculating home value. Some real estate agencies use “cost per square footage” in a listing. The truth is that this isn’t reliable. There are many factors that go into determining the worth of a home, such as the materials used, the type of heating or cooling system, and how accessible the room may be from a living area or door. Other factors can include the ceiling height, type of rooms, types of windows, whether a basement is finished or not, the state of the attic, the safety of the neighborhood, and even structures in the neighborhood.

The True Value of Your Home

The true value of your home is what a buyer is willing to pay for it at any given time. It’s a number that fluctuates, so there’s really no definitive method of determining market value. Yes,
the home value factors above can come into play, but what you owe on your mortgage, the amount of equity built up in the home, and an appraiser’s estimate using specialized software and
technology can also be considered.

William Rigdon Real Estate can use tools, the standard guidelines, and other applicable factors to determine the value of your home. You will be completely aware of how the value was
determined so you can be confident that it is a good number.

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